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The list of 100 firms with the highest profits per partner is out, and, inexplicably, Comedians at Law and the members thereof have been left off. Does this smack of jealousy?  Envy?  Is there hater-ism going on in the legal community because the Comedians at Law are so wildly successful? We think so.  For we are sure that people are asking "how can 6 clowns make more per partner than the members of any global law firm?" Well, for all those haters out there, just know that we don't hate you ... [click here to read more]

BusinessWeek reports that the real headquarters of Occupy Wall Street is the Public Atrium at 60 Wall.  When Comedians-at-Law member Greg Collett worked at 60 Wall, the Public Atrium was his real workday headquarters too.


In case you're wondering what 80's hair band is the most litigious, it seems like Poison is making a strong case for that honor and shockingly none of their recent lawsuits have anything to do with any STDs that lead singer Bret Michaels may have contracted on his reality TV series. Instead, Poison has been involved in a couple of ridiculous suits recently. First, another 1980s band named Kid Rocker (seriously) has decided to sue Poison claiming that they stole some of their songs - 25 years after ... [click here to read more]
Today's NY Law Journal reports that a NY Supreme Court Justice held that NY's new No-Fault Divorce Law does not allow for trials. Inter alia, the court held: "The law simply does not allow divorcing litigants to enjoy the fun of flaying their ex-spouses on cross examination. You wanna make their lives miserable for your own amusement, I get that. Just do it somewhere else. Go play paintball, snap them with a rubber-band in the nose, use their credit card and charge a vacation to Tahiti for you and ... [click here to read more]

George Carlin had a lot of good ideas over the years, but in this simple 8-minute clip he explains how he would completely transform the criminal justice system (and probably put a bunch of lawyers out of work in the process) by simply getting rid of four groups of people.

We thought this video was quite appropriate given all of the protests against the top 1%. Comedians-at-Law’s Matt Ritter created a hilarious spoof of "Goodfellas" based on Goldman Sachs outrageous compensation. It stars CAL's J-L Cauvin as Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman's CEO, who sent out a memo telling his top employees not to buy anything flashy with their bonuses. It’s a frame by frame re-enactment of the scene from Goodfellas where De Niro tells his gang the same thing after the big Lufthanza ... [click here to read more]
This is the time of year when some of us at CaL have to re-up our firm sponsored health insurance plan. Now I can generally figure out which plan to choose, or put another way since actually I can't figure out which plan is best, I just chose the most expensive one. This is my default positions, pick the priciest option. I have no clue what I am getting under this or any plan but my position is premised on the belief that if I over-pay then when its time for the insurance company to screw me, maybe ... [click here to read more]
A class action is a litigation device that allows a group of similarly situated people to come together and litigate their grievances in one lawsuit in order to maximize efficiencies and preserve litigants’ and judicial resources. That’s according to Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. According to Comedians at Law, a “class action” is a little bit different.  We here at Comedians at Law think “class action” is actually a paradoxical term, an oxymoron if you will.  We ... [click here to read more]
A woman named Sarah Deming is suing FilmDistrict, the distributor of the Ryan Gosling movie Drive, for making, what she called, a misleading preview for the film. She is also suing her local theater. She says she believed it would be more in line with Fast and Furious films, which is the first time in recorded history that anyone has been angry because something was NOT like a Fast and Furious film. She was also offended by the racism and violence against Jews in the film, although of the dozen ... [click here to read more]
The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a new law in England and Wales that intends to make it much more convenient for people to get the legal help they allowing them to purchase legal services in their local grocery store. Under the Legal Services Act, which takes effect today, banks, supermarkets and the like can offer legal services to consumers, according to this BBC report on the new law. These would-be competitors to law firms can create what are called Alternative Business ... [click here to read more]

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