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. . . Can we make it up to you by giving you a nuclear sub?

Coming off of our successful win in a class action lawsuit on behalf of viewers ("the victims") of Adam Sandler's latest film, Jack and Jill, Comedians At Law has been made aware of a new menace in Hollywood: The latest Twilight film has been causing seizures in viewers.  If you have been a victim of this film we are here to help you. The reports are that a birth scene at the conclusion of Twilight: Breaking Dawn:Part I (which set the Hollywood record for colons in a title) has been giving viewers ... [click here to read more]
Armageddon: End of the world battle scenario in which the Messiah will defeat Satan Lawmageddon: End of the world comedy scenario in which millions will laugh uproariously as the Comedians at Law defeat apathy, drudgery and career dissatisfaction.  At the end of Lawmageddon, lawyers everywhere will experience joy in what will henceforth be known as the Miracle of Lawmageddon.   Note: "Lawmageddon" is a trademark property of the Comedians at Law (as far as you know) and shall only be used ... [click here to read more]
Even though the madness of Black Friday has already begun we at Comedians At Law wanted to provide you with a sensible shopping list to maximize your time spent shopping and the enjoyment and value of gifts you give your friends and loved ones: A good defense attorney - never too early or too late to hire a criminal defense attorney on retainer.  You may think you are a reasonable human being, but chances are you are a bargain hunting animal who may be willing to injure or maim another human ... [click here to read more]
Thanksgiving is a holiday about family. Accordingly, it is a holiday filled with resentment, grudges, and bitterness all bubbling to the surface at one meal that is fueled by excess and alcohol. The net result of all this is the development of Black Friday. Popular lore is that the Friday following Thanksgiving is so named, because it is the day when retailers finally make it into the Black (make profits). This sounds good, but, in fact, Black Friday is a reference to the feelings of various ... [click here to read more]
This Guest Services Agreement is entered into by Host and Guest, on Thanksgiving night. Whereas, Host and Thanksgiving guest wish to engage in a extended dinner, at hosts residence, Whereas, people are crazy, and do not know how to act, Now therefore, in order for sh*t not to go down, the parties agree as follows: Guest agrees as follows: 1) To not drink the good booze that is locked away 2) To not put feet on coffee table 3) To not drop hot fire in the master bath 4) To not get too intoxicated, ... [click here to read more]
Comedians-at-Law looks to find humor in nearly everything, but sometimes life has a way of telling you when you've gone too far. When a foreclosure firm that hosted a homeless themed costume party is forced to lay off at least a third of its employees, we think it proves that even life has a sense of ironic justice. ... [click here to read more]

This is an offer at least four of the Comedians-at-Law would have taken!
Pay law students to quit…please!”

A New Jersey Municipal Court judge who moonlights as a comedian was told by the Committee on Extra-Judicial Activities that he couldn't be both a judge and a comedian.  Now, he's taking his case to the New Jersey Supreme Court. First, we thought the Committee on Extra-Judicial Activities limited itself to telling judges that they couldn't grope law clerks. Nevertheless, you might be surprised to learn that we agree that guy should have to choose -- You either want to have a respectable job or ... [click here to read more]
We at Comedians at Law are a full service legal-comedy entity and we (at least one of us) keep our collective eye on all the reality show talent that graces television every night. Although cast members of the Jersey Shore have raked in millions in endorsement deals and salary we at CAL have decided, with our considerable legal, entertainment and marketing talents, to throw our weight behind Astro and Melanie Amaro of the X Factor. If Melanie and Astro need any convincing to let us represent ... [click here to read more]

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