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Today, from OLS:
“Law school is not a test of your intelligence or level of knowledge, but rather a test of your ability to endure monumental amounts of “busy work.” Basically, law students are super anal, super stressed, jacked up 2nd graders with a word limit. “

Only in Law School

Yesterday was an epic day for Comedians at Law in the city of Brotherly Love.  First off no one in the group saw dead people, contracted HIV, ran up the art museum steps or beat the sh*t out of Santa Claus, but they were still warmly embraced by an incredible crowd at Helium Comedy Club.  The day started with J-L "life's a B and then you D" Cauvin arriving on a 530 am train to do a radio spot with Kevin "GTL - Gym, Tan, Law" Israel, who picked J-L up at 30th Street Station with techno music ... [click here to read more]
Philadelphia, the very same city that our forefathers gathered to host the first Continental Congress, to sign the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, and more importantly gave us Rocky, Bill Cosby, Will Smith and booed Santa Claus***, is now hosting another group of visionaries, hellbent on changing the legal themed corporate comedy landscape forever! *** (We were going to include M. Night Shyamalan but we were informed by the City of Philadephia Tourist information ... [click here to read more]
THIS JUST IN: CNN's Jeffrey Toobin is reporting that based on his observations of oral argument today that the individual mandate provision of the Affordable Health Care Act, a/k/a "Obamacare" is doomed.  He reports that the solicitor general, Donald Verrelli, was terrible in arguments and that Justice Kennedy seems firmly in the camp to strike down the law.  Clarence Thomas asked no questions.  The only glimmer of hope for the Obama Administration, according to CNN, is that Chief Justice ... [click here to read more]
Later today,  The United States Supreme Court began hearing three days of arguments about the constitutionality of The Affordable Health Care Act: aka “Obamacare” aka “Romneycare” aka “The Republican Congress of the 1990s Care” aka “The Health Care Reform Plan that Richard Nixon Would’ve Signed Off on in 1974 And Started Laughing that He Pulled One Over on the Democrats Care” aka “The Barely Scratching The Surface of the Health Care Crisis Care” aka “Much Ado About Nothing ... [click here to read more]
Last night, the Comedians at Law swept through a little town of Hollywood and showed the "industry" why they should give us a television show and stop giving them to Tim Allen. As usual, everyone went off and had their own pre-show routines. Hollywood Matt continued to sit at Starbucks and work on his screenplay, while refusing to pick anyone up from the airport. Of course, the only one that needed a ride was J-L, the only member of the group that sticks to our travel budget.  The rest of the ... [click here to read more]
On Fridays, CAL will be featuring a post from "Only In Law School", a site that allows law students all over the country to air their grievances.  As you can imagine, these students have a very unique and colorful take on the joy that is law school. Because, some things are funny only in law school. Today's poster offered this nugget: "Elle Woods brought a dog to class. That was a movie. You are not Reese. Please leave your purse dog at home, girl in Estates. OLS" Only In Law School ... [click here to read more]
No one can argue that this has been a a big week. First Michael Bay announces his reboot of the Teenage Mutant Turtle Franchise but this time around, the turtles are aliens. Then the CAL boys stormed through Boston like Red Coats on acid, next Tim Tebow heard Gabrielle blow his horn (unfortunately it was actually Rex Ryan after some bad chili) and now CAL heads to the City of Angels for a one night only blow out at the Hollywood Improv. If you're out in Cali, or hell, anywhere on the west coast, ... [click here to read more]
There are some moments that became legendary in Boston.  The Tea Party (the Revolutionary Era one, not the ones who want to repeal the 13th Amendment because they don't want government interfering with their rights), the 2004 Red Sox World Series and the school busing riots of the 1970s are just some of the things that have given Boston pride. Wel,l after last night Boston can add Comedians At Law's Lawmageddon to that list of proud moments. The group assembled at 630pm at the theater. Kevin ... [click here to read more]
Today is the day.  Comedians At Law have left NYC to invade Boston, bring laughter to the masses (156 seat capacity) and hopefully leave our legal briefs on a stranger's bedroom floor.  Two members of the team could not make the trip to Boston. Greg "NetJet" Collett could not make it because he is in Los Angeles trying to finalize a deal with Richard Branson on space travel. Sebastian Evans cannot make it to Boston because he could only make one of our trips this week and rather than spend $100 ... [click here to read more]

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