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For the next nine weeks, CAL will be helping you through the grueling process of Bar Exam prep. On Tuesday we gave you broad overview of what to do during prep, during the exam and after the horror is over. Now we are going to walk through the whole thing with you. Assuming you are one of the 90% of Bar studiers who are using the Big Prep Company ("BPC" - they shall remain nameless until they offer us a sponsorship...but you know who we are talking about), we will be following your schedule. By ... [click here to read more]
In pretty much the biggest shocker the legal world has seen since Mark Drier and his shenanigans, the large firm of Dewey Lebouef has filed for Chapter 11. We at Comedians-at-Law have no idea how its going to play out, but we found their list of 20 biggest unsecured creditors, who will probably get stiffed, pretty funny, so we thought we would discuss who is deserving of our sympathy. Those who deserve NO SYMPATHY: 6 staffing agencies are on the hook for millions of dollars. Considering the way ... [click here to read more]
To all of our fans and friends that recently said goodbye to the nonstop party of law school we offer our condolences as you battle sweltering heat and endless hours of BARBRI lectures for the next several weeks.  But look on the bright side: you will be done with the exam at the end of July and then you get to go off to work, possibly conduct more job searches and if you are fortunate enough to be employed this fall, it will only be three nerve wracking months til you know if you passed.  We at ... [click here to read more]
With the playoffs in hockey and basketball nearing their ends after their respective nearly-year-long playoff schedules, talk again returns to the best teams of all time and sports dynasties.  Is it the NY Yankees  of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig? The Bill Russell Celtics? We here at Comedians at Law decided to research the best law school teams of all time, the ones that are considered "dynasties."  Here they are:   1.  The Litchfield Law School Moot Court Team of 1790-94: The Litchfield ... [click here to read more]
The Comedians at Law never rest.  We never stop in our determination to make the legal community and the public at large laugh with lawyers and not at them. So, if you're looking for some "legal comedy" (#legalcomedy on Twitter), here's where you can find us, The Comedians at Law, tonight or throughout this coming week (the week of May 28, 2012): May 30: J-L Cauvin brings you his weekly podcast.  This week he debates the merits of rapper Jay-Z with comedian Josh Gondelman. May 30: Matt Ritter ... [click here to read more]

This week from OLS, one contributor poetically breaks down street talk and torts:

Bitches get stitches. But stitches get damages.

Only in law School

Kickoff Thursday of Memorial Day Weekend with Comedians-at-Law! Comedy show starts at 9:30, $20.00 door charge. Early bird  $40.00 prix fixe dinner (includes show) starts at 7:00.  Call for reservations.  732-872-2266!   So if you live near Highlands, NJ you owe it to yourself to come to this show.  If comedy and dinner with a beautiful water view is not enough, the list of performers should get you over the top. Performing tonight will be: Greg "Net Jet" Collett who will simply be taking ... [click here to read more]
At least the world of comics, there seems to be no issue with gay marriage. Marvel Comics' first openly gay hero, super speedster Northstar, and his longtime boyfriend will wed "Astonishing X-Men" No. 51. That's due out June 20. We at Comedians-at-Law do not like to play politics, we just make fun of them! We were confused when we first heard the announcement, because, frankly, we're not totally clear as to the genitalia of superheroes anyway...has anyone ever seen Hulk or The Thing's junk? So ... [click here to read more]
A New Jersey woman claims she was fired from her job because her employer said her curvaceous figure was too distracting. Her bosses allegedly asked her to tone down hear appearance by taping he breasts down and donning a bulky bathrobe which would conceal her titillating lady parts. The woman has now filed a discrimination suit against Native Intimates, a wholesale lingerie company. You read that right, the employer that told her she was dressing too scandalously was, itself, a women's intimates ... [click here to read more]
On Sunday, a record-breaking $4,415,658 was paid for the the earliest jersey worn by Babe Ruth known to still exist, a circa 1920 New York Yankees road model he wore in his first season after coming over from the Red Sox. Folks at J.P. Morgan Chase were unimpressed. Noted Jamie Dimon, "Man, we can lose that much money in 30 seconds." However, for the rest of us mere mortals, $4 million dollars is a lot to pay for a shirt, even if it was worn by the Bambino himself.  That is no more true than in ... [click here to read more]

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