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Finally, the law students of the country are taking our jokes seriously! We often joke about the difficult climate out there for graduates and the numbers are clearly backing us up. No matter how many blow-hard deans emphatically argue that law school is a great move right now, the numbers say otherwise. According to this NY Times article, applications are WAY DOWN. In 2004 there were 100,000 applicants to law schools; this year there are likely to be 54,000. This is an insane shift. You would ... [click here to read more]
The country is currently locked in a battle over many Constitutional and legal issues.  Gun control is perhaps the hottest of the hot button issues in America right now, with one side proclaiming that we must limit and restrict gun ownership while the other side claims that gun ownership is the 11th Commandment that Moses forgot.  That would be enough of a debate to occupy the country, but also on the table is comprehensive immigration reform where one side seeks to get illegal aliens who are contributing ... [click here to read more]
It's been reported in the Wall Street Journal that 17 women "filed a civil lawsuit in Texas state court against the site,, alleging that their intimate photos were posted illegally and included information that made them easy to identify. They are seeking damages and to have the site closed down." Talk about making a Red State blush. According to the Journal "[l]egal experts say they are seeing an increasing number of such lawsuits targeting so-called revenge porn, in which intimate ... [click here to read more]
Day two of the Southern road trip began with J-L waking up early and doing some comedy work and feasting on a healthy breakfast from Burger King.  J-L is like the military commercials - he does more unpaid comedy work before 9am than you do all day.  His bank account is unofficially known as "an Army of none."  As he feasted on a hamburger-looking sausage patty from Burger King, Matt and Alex caught up on some zzzs in the large bed they shared.  Given that they combined weight about 30 pounds ... [click here to read more]
This week, we find ourselves in the deep south for a week of shows in Nashville and Atlanta. For some reason, probably because nobody flies at 6 am on a random Wednesday. We were all treated to empty plane rides! When we arrived at Zanies, we were greeted to something that is sometimes reserved for the big dogs of comedy: the Comedy Condo.  The Zanies Comedy Condo had a two level two bed/two bathroom, very modern and CLEAN. As opposed to some of the other condos which have DNA evidence of comics ... [click here to read more]
Recently, an ABA committee voted to keep the official requirement that has all law school applicants sit for the LSAT. The ABA is working on overhauling law school accreditation standards, among the discussed alterations was eliminating the LSAT requirement altogether. While this would have made me very happy back in 2004, as current member of the Bar all I can say to current and future law school applicants is, "SUCKERS!" Look, anyone who has sat for, prepared for or passed the LSAT exam ... [click here to read more]
As we watched the Inauguration along with all other Americans, we thought, "Well, this is nice, but will this really change anything? Will anyone in DC ever go past rhetoric and actually work together to write laws that take care of the big issues of the day like Climate Change and Gun Control and the Deficit and rampant, unfortunate reality television?" So, for our legislators up on Capitol Hill, we decided to give them a refresher course in how to do their job:   If you enjoy ... [click here to read more]
Today, the New York times reported that leaders of the New York bar, judges and law school faculty members will gather at New York University to discuss a proposed rule change. The proposal would amend the rules of the New York State Court of Appeals to allow students to take the state bar exam after two years of law school instead of the three now required. WHAT?? This is a well thought, insightful, and creative idea that could make life just a little more affordable for future law students. ... [click here to read more]
Once again, if you've missed our blog posts, our podcast or this week's legal hot button issues, CAL's Matt Ritter is here for you with our rant of the week. This week's targets: Clarence Thomas and his broken silence and a British man who managed to outsource his own job so he could surf the web. Enjoy!   If you enjoy reading stuff from Comedians at Law, then be sure to listen to the Comedians at Law Podcast on iTunes or Podomatic. New episodes every Monday so subscribe for free today! ... [click here to read more]
No one knew on February 22, 2006 that one of the world's most impressive streaks was beginning.  In a Washington DC courthouse, in fact the courthouse, Justice Clarence Thomas spoke on that fateful wintry morning.  What he said may have very well been inconsequential, or at least as inconsequential as on the record comments of U.S. Supreme Court justices can be, or it may have been profound and important.  But for United Sates legal history what matters is that Justice Thomas would then go 6 years ... [click here to read more]

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