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First it was Bush v. Gore. Now it's Odinga v. Kenyatta. The Supreme Court of Kenya has just upheld the election of Uhuru Kenyatta as the country’s next president over his challenger Rail Odinga.  Kenyatta is the son of Kenya's first president. What is it with son's of presidents and contested elections?  WTF? In response, Mr. Odinga reportedly stated, "Those f'ing hanging chads.  Oh, and what about the font size on the ballots?!  Everyone knows old people ican't read small print. They ... [click here to read more]

Boondock Saints is one of my favorite movies, and one of the most memorable scenes is the court room scene. With finals upon many of you, this may appeal to your more visceral instinct. So enjoy the clip and remember, don’t try this at home…you may be held in contempt.

The term "my view has evolved" is threatening to replace "game changer" as the more overused phrase in politics right now. With DOMA being argued in front of the Supreme Court it seems many Senators are making that last minute switch so they don't end up on the wrong side of history. There have been many ridiculous justifications for why Congressmen all of the sudden have changed their views, but we at Comedians at Law think nothing sums it up better than Senator Jon Tester of Montana. If we asked ... [click here to read more]
Washington, D.C. Grabbing headlines all over the country yesterday was the Supreme Court's hearing concerning Prop 8, the California ballot measure that reversed a California Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage.  Many of the Justices expressed reservations about deciding the case on standing/ripeness grounds. Conspicuously absent from the hedging were Justices Scalia and Thomas, who I can report with near certainty, based on sources within their respective chambers, have decided the ... [click here to read more]
The National Law Journal has selected the 100 "most influential lawyers in America." As you might imagine, the members of Comedians at Law are at the top of the list.  There are arguments about which of us is the most influential, so we decided to accept the honor as a tie amongst our membership. All kidding aside, the list is remarkable not so much for who is included, but for who is excluded.  For example, the President and First Lady -- both lawyers -- are not on the list.  Nor are the ... [click here to read more]
I go to the gym. I do. I always have. My fellow CAL member consider me to be a meat-head. I am not a meat head. But when you work in a academic field, if you can bench press more than your weight  that apparently brands you with the Scarlet Letter of "Meat Head".  With that logic, I posit that the highest court of the land is also graced by the presence of a meat-head and her name is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A recent Washington Post article told that the 5' tall, 100 lb octogenarian pumps out ... [click here to read more]
After many years of having a no pet policy because I never grew up with them, I succumbed and got a dog, a French Bulldog named Olive. I really wish I was still working at a firm when I made this decision. Lawyers work late hours, it's stressful, it's a thankless job, usually nobody shows us love when we get home (this is true even when you have a significant other). Here's why working at a firm and having a dog can be a great combo. 1. It's hard to tell a partner you have to leave early because ... [click here to read more]
Ever since the ratification of the Bill of Rights, Americans have had their individual rights and freedoms safeguarded by the Constitution.  Sure there have been bumps along the way and a few other Amendments have been added to ensure those rights and freedoms for all, but all in all it's going pretty wel.  But over the last month it has become clear that a group of Americans have been denied their liberty and are being treated like second class citizens.  Who am I speaking of?  Minorities?  ... [click here to read more]
Even in these difficult times, going to law school and becoming a lawyer still is a dream for many thousands of people.  The process is fraught with anxiety and pressures.  And, when the day finally arrives that a law school applicant gets their acceptance letter, it can be a day of tremendous joy . . . and sometimes not:   Meantime, if you enjoy reading stuff from Comedians at Law, then be sure to listen to the Comedians at Law Podcast on iTunes or Podomatic. New episodes every ... [click here to read more]

At Comedians at Law, we’re always searching for the funny and/or absurd aspects of the law. Today we came across a video with 25 ridiculous lawsuits, which we thought we’d share with you:

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