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The New York Times reports that California may be the first state to bar revenge porn— nude photographs of ex-boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends and wives that spurned individuals post on the Internet after the relationship has gone sour.  What may have begun as a titillation or a proof of love can turn into a never-ending nightmare when victims’ compromising photographs are displayed publicly, affecting their ongoing and future relationships and self-esteem. We at Comedians at Law acknowledge ... [click here to read more]
AIG CEO Robert Benmosche is either so rich that he has no idea how he sounds to those of not in his tax bracket or he's so rich that he doesn't give a F*ck! Benmosche recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal to chat about the efforts he's taken since to stabilize AIG, which was bailed out by the government and actually managed to defend the large bonuses that were given out by attacking those that were critical of the outrage sum given to the bank swindlers that we had just bailed out. The ... [click here to read more]
  Last year, during the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show the musical artist M.I.A. flipped the bird (see above or after you cut someone off driving home)  to a worldwide audience. By no means was it a “wardrobe malfunction,” but it didn’t sit well with the NFL who imposed a no tolerance policy despite the FCC not going after M.I.A. What was the NFL’s answer to the moral travesty?  Arbitration!  As the NFL executives must have known, 38 year-old Sri Lankan/British singers are ... [click here to read more]
In 1972, George Carlin listed and performed his famous monologue "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television". Now, some 41 years later, according to an article in the ABA Journal, a Marquette legal writing professor challenged students to encapsulate their law school experiences into a 6-word "story." We at Comedians at Law were intrigued by this challenge, so we came up with our own 6 word story, but we did it one better -- we reduced it to 6 letters.  Here it is: OUR LAW SCHOOL EXPERIENCE: ... [click here to read more]
Inspired by a Recent Phone Conversation   He said: “Mom, I want to talk to you about something.” These are the words that every mother of a college student dreads. Was there a  midnight drug bust?  An unwanted pregnancy?  No, it was worse. “Mom, I think I might want to go to law school.” “Oh my God” she gasped.  “Law school?  How many times did I tell you ‘If you ever even think of going to law school, you might as well put a knife in me. ‘ Are you trying ... [click here to read more]
Poor Vince August,  he was living the dream as a judge and comedian until his fellow justices put the kibosh on his antics.  Looks like he's well on his way to ruining a promising legal career, something us Comedians at law members know a thing or two about! In a unanimous 7-0 decision posted Thursday, the justices wrote that Vince Sicari’s acting and comedy career “is incompatible ... [click here to read more]
    You may have heard that Breaking Bad is getting its own spinoff show.  The new show “Better Call Saul” focuses on the adventures of attorney Saul Goodman, prior to being retained by a meth kingpin. A lot of people are excited by the prospect of the new show. Us here at Comedians at Law were able to get a bit of inside info as to the topics they might cover in the first season of the show.   There will be an episode where Saul litigates a fraudulent car ... [click here to read more]
  Senator David Vitter of Louisiana is spewing vitriol over proposed legislation to bar health insurance subsidies to members of congress when there is probable cause to believe that that member has solicited prostitutes.  The relevant portion of the bill reads as follows: (iv) LIMITATION. -- No employee contribution payable under section 8906 of title 5, United States Code, with respect to health insurance coverage under this subparagraph, may be provided on behalf of an individual ... [click here to read more]
By now, I'm sure you've all heard, Russian President Vladimir Putin is against American intervention. What you might not have heard is that he wrote a very well reasoned, eloquent plea directly to the American people in yesterday's NY Times. (Are we sure it was really him? Did anyone else for a second think maybe it was just some dude who was also named Vladimir Putin, a construction worker from South Jersey named Vlad Putin who's all about world peace?? JK)...Seriously, though, in a vaccuum, he ... [click here to read more]
  There is a growing trend of so called “Stupid Motorist Laws,” being adopted in various states.  Under these laws, the government can charge people for the cost of their rescue if they choose to disregard barricades and enter flooded areas. But, why stop there?  People do plenty of stupid things that should be subject to the legal review. J-Walking - Sure, it's illegal already, but drivers should have an added loophole.  A pedestrian that willfully chooses to cross an intersection ... [click here to read more]

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