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Sexual harassment in the workplace is as old as the workplace. There are early reports that Cro Magnon man complained of feeling objectified at work when Cro Magnon woman looked down his loincloth. Sexual harassment in modern times may be more subtle, but  no less insidious. Can you spot sexual harassment? Example 1.  Troy Sizemore, male stripper by night, works at a coupon distribution center during the day to make ends meet (one of his more impressive tricks). Among other responsibilities ... [click here to read more]
I am at the bank  and the ATM rejects my checks for deposit  not once, but twice. I immediately suspect that this is a blatant case of anti-Semitism or  maybe the ATM is broken. I go into the bank, explain the problem to the teller and we have the following exchange: Teller:  I am so sorry for the problem. Are you doing anything fun  today? Other Teller:  Bank Employee Handbook page 3- "Never ask the customer a personal question." I:  Yes. I'm meeting my husband's brother at ... [click here to read more]
Now that wasn't so bad, was it?   Now that you've had a chance to digest some of the legal terms you learned last week, here are a few more to ease your next appointment with your lawyer:   Summary judgment-snap decision, ie. Those shoes are ugly. Declaratory judgment-summary judgment expressed with feeling, ie. Those shoes are HIDEOUS! Chapter 12- life after Chapter 11 Arraignment-showers Capital Offense-spelling error Temporary Restraining Order- Darling, ... [click here to read more]
Lawyers can make things so complicated.     Don't FRET! You TOO can speak LEGALESE!  Here are some commonly used legal terms and their meaning:   Pro Bono- transgender friendly Res Ipsa Loquitor- talking the managing  partner into more money Supra- portmanteau for bringing a cause of action against a media powerhouse Et. Seq.- ingesting jury lunch and getting cramps Escheat- Accusing another of dishonest dealings Estop- Latino policeman directing ... [click here to read more]

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