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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  has released federal guidelines with respect to the enforcement of laws protecting pregnant women from discrimination and allowing for their  accommodation in the workplace.  The new guidelines are as follows:   An employer may not ask a post-menopausal obese woman her due date even if it's funny. Pregnant women must be allowed as many breaks to the bathroom as necessary to pee, vomit and cry for no reason. A pregnant woman may have ... [click here to read more]
10 Ways to Get Ready for Your New Semester of Law School    Detox. Drink lots of water to dilute the alcohol in your system. Lots of water. Gallons.  Sleep. Sleep a lot. You won’t be sleeping much so store up your zzzzs.  Carbo load. Carbohydrates give you energy. Eat lots of pasta, Cheez Its, Ramen, Ritz Bits and Oreos. Don’t stop. You can’t stop anyway.  Eat protein. Do this so you can tell your mother you ate protein.  Practice reading. Face it. You haven’t read ... [click here to read more]

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