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Comedians at Law

Because of their passion for comedy and their desperate desire not to practice law, the Comedians at Law ( joined together to travel the country, deliver their diverse and intelligent brand of humor, and entertain audiences at law schools, bar associations, law firms, comedy clubs and anyone else willing to cut a check that can be used to pay down their student loans. Come see their show, book them for your private event, read their blog and listen to their podcast, so you can experience for yourself what audiences all over the country have been saying: "Comedians at Law -- Bad at Law. Good at Comedy."

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6 Responses to Law School Testimonials

  • Villanova Law says:

    “The guys of Comedians at Law prove firsthand that law school in just a stepping-stone. An extremely funny and relevant show to which every law student and lawyer can relate.”
    Andy Rein – SBA Vice President, Villanova Law

  • Widener Law says:

    “Comedians at Law are inventive, hilarious, and very talented! It was one of the best comedy acts I have seen, and would definitely see them again!”
    Elizabeth August, student – Widener Law

  • Not only do these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to comedy and the law, they can read a crowd’s mind and talk to them like they’re old friends. Brilliantly worked out and stunningly delivered, the acts serve to make even the most hardened law student feel a little bit more at ease when they discover that we’re all in hell together. Thanks, guys, for really helping us relax and enjoy ourselves!

  • Brandyn Butler - Ohio Northern Law School says:

    Comedians is a group of great guys that love to make people laugh. When they performed at my school, they put on a fantastic show that was enjoyed by law students, professors, and even those not involved with law. Afterwards, they hung out with students and answered questions about life in and beyond law school. Everyone had such a great time, we’re hoping to do it again this year!

  • Katrina Castillo - Valparaiso Law says:

    The CAL’s show at Valparaiso University- School of Law, was absolutely hilarious and a great way to take a break from studying for finals. I’d love to have them back!

  • Lindsay Farrenkopf says:

    I knew we had to have them on campus [Pace Law School] after I checked them out
    on youtube and saw how funny they are. Sure enough the show was a HUGE
    success! Extremely funny and even our professors
    were laughing the entire time! We hope to have them back next year!

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