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Comedians at Law

Because of their passion for comedy and their desperate desire not to practice law, the Comedians at Law ( joined together to travel the country, deliver their diverse and intelligent brand of humor, and entertain audiences at law schools, bar associations, law firms, comedy clubs and anyone else willing to cut a check that can be used to pay down their student loans. Come see their show, book them for your private event, read their blog and listen to their podcast, so you can experience for yourself what audiences all over the country have been saying: "Comedians at Law -- Bad at Law. Good at Comedy."

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7 Responses to Comedy Club Testimonials

  • SteveAx says:

    Saw you guys at the Improv in Hollywood a few months ago and my wife and I loved your show… we are not lawyers but still ‘got’ what you were joking about, it was something everyone can relate to and find the humor in… very funny and enjoyable… hope to see you again soon!

  • Dan Glusker - Banker, Former Lawyer says:

    I loved the Lawmageddon show in New York! I couldn’t believe how professional and funny these guys were.

  • Dave Stine says:

    Being lawyers, I wanted to hate these guys. And I do. But they’re funny.

  • Joe Clark - Law partner of CAL member Greg Collett says:

    I saw a Comedians-at-Law show in New Jersey, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I’d say that even if my salary didn’t depend on it.

  • Ashley Petrylak says:

    I’m not even a lawyer and I absolutely love the CAL shows! It helps me understand why all of my lawyer friends are so crazy 🙂

  • Kevin Becker says:

    A group of us were looking for a fun night out and the CAL group
    absolutely delivered. You don’t have to be a lawyer to appreciate
    their humor. I highly recommend this group for anyone who is looking
    for a show filled with laughter.

  • Mike Allen says:

    Wow, I saw these guys in LA and I loved the show. Who knew lawyers could be funny? I am a lawyer and I am not funny at all. I cannot wait to see them perform again. Thumbs up!

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