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Because of their passion for comedy and their desperate desire not to practice law, the Comedians at Law joined together to travel the country, deliver their diverse and intelligent brand of humor, and entertain audiences at law schools, bar associations, law firms, comedy clubs and anyone else willing to cut a check that can be used to pay down their student loans.

The reaction has been overwhelming. Comedians at Law are in demand, and members of Comedians at Law have appeared on Fox News “On the Record,” CBS, Sirius/XM’s “Raw Dog” Comedy (as guests and as guest-hosts of their morning program), and in The Wall Street Journal and

The Comedians at Law are:

Book them now or buy tickets to one of their upcoming club shows so that you can see for yourself what audiences all over the country have been saying — the Comedians at Law always deliver comedy so good it should be illegal.  Except for that last line. That was awful.

Comedians at Law.  Bad at Law.  Good at Comedy.

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