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At the age of six, Kevin recalls sitting on the couch watching Bill Cosby perform on the variety show, Saturday Night Gold. That night, Mr. Cosby was preparing for his upcoming special “Bill Cosby: Himself.” Young Kevin sat, transfixed, as he watched a genius turn common story telling into a work of art. He knew then, that this would be his future. For many years he delighted his family during dinnertime with jokes he had memorized from a library of joke books. His mother often called him ‘the walking joke machine.’

In college he would fall asleep to a litany of comedians on the newly created channel, Comedy Central. He once even dumped a girl because she tired of watching stand up comedy. “It’s me or the funny men.” It wasn’t even a competition. His fraternity convinced him to perform stand-up during a Greek talent show. From his first moment on stage, he was hooked.

Shortly after graduating from college, Kevin began performing at amateur shows and open-mic nights. Over the years he has created an act that is both unique, and telling of his own story. He combines the humor garnered from years of family dinners with his own observational experiences and insights on family and relationships.

After attending law school and working as a lawyer, Kevin decided that his realization all those years ago while watching Bill Cosby still held true – his future was in making people laugh.

Kevin has since performed at clubs and venues throughout the north east. He has brought his own style of comedy to private and corporate events as well as colleges and fundraisers. He can also be heard on XM Radio’s ‘Rascals Comedy Hour.’

For more about Kevin, check him out on Facebook and Twitter.

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